Here I collect small, polished, observational pieces/moments of experience - in a nutshell haiku/senryu or other forms of micropoetry and very short fiction.

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Phyllida Barlow at the Tate

Impossible not to be surprised by this monumental presence at the Duveen Galleries, Tate Britain! Phyllida Barlow’s installation, ‘dock’, makes quite an impression on the unsuspecting visitor walking into the Tate.

Yet taking a few steps through the artwork, and a deep breath, the mind starts working. Tate installation Isn’t this… err, fragile… recycling materials… momentous… look, plastic bags, cartons… How…

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Kader Attia, Whitechapel Gallery

Kader Attia, Whitechapel Gallery

Kader Attia, Whitechapel,art,installation,inequality,blog action day 2014,

Near Brick Lane and Spitalfields Markets, and amidst the hustle and bustle of a Saturday afternoon crowd, I discovered Kader Attia’s (b. 1970, Paris) new work of art at the Whitechapel Gallery, “Continuum of Repair: The Light of Jacob’s Ladder.” No photographs were allowed, but I took a picture of his taped interview that was shown at the Gallery, which gives you a good idea of the installation…

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Frank Auerbach at Tate Britain

Frank Auerbach at Tate Britain

Recently I visited the Frank Auerbach display of 15 paintings and 29 drawings at the Tate Britain, selected by his fellow painter and friend, Lucian Freud. The collection was offered by the Lucian Freud estate, and accepted by the British Government, in lieu of inheritance tax.

The group of paintings is of international artistic importance and a good ’teaser,’ anticipating a major Tate…

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'harvest trail'

‘harvest trail’

harvest trail
the iridescent properties
of hope
Faversham boats,haiga,poem,
NaHaiWriMo prompt: iris

Photo taken in Faversham, Kent.

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