Here I collect small, but polished, observational pieces/moments of experience - in a nutshell haiku/senryu or other forms of micropoetry and very short fiction.

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PAD DAY #18 prompt: Weather poem

rain lashes
buds on the apple tree…
Easter Week
(Another aspect of rain!)

'consolation' in tinywords


consolation in each raindrop the sea


In tinywords 18 April 2014 

PAD #14 prompt: If I were

PAD #14 prompt: If I were
if I were you
I’d leave all this behind…
blossom rain
If I were a bird

I’d be a dove drinking

from your lips

the nectar

of words

PAD Day #13: animal poem

my head

on the pillow

birds enter clouds 

PAD Day #12 prompt: City

PAD Day #12 prompt: City


city lights

all fireflies

in the jar             

PAD Day #11: Statement Poem

PAD #11: Prompt: statement poem

 no titles


no titles…

spring rain washes off

the “Mrs”

PAD Day #10: future


seven times the speed

of fear


The article that inspired this poem can be found here

'she crouches' PAD #9

she crouches under

magnolia stellata

and viburnum carlcephalum

hiding the scent

of her fear